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A Brief History

ANASTEELCO (as a private joint stock company) is one of largest industrial projects of Islamic Republic Iran, with a joint venture (66% domestic and 34% foreign) Has been registered in order to exploit economic and industrial capabilities of two countries Iran and Turkey. complex has 85,000 square meters of indoor space, including office and service buildings, production halls (melting and rolling), warehouses, work hygiene halls, dining hall, etc. On a land with area of 3.365.000 square meters in 7 kilometers Abhar city is located in Zanjan province. The complex was established in two phases of carbon steel and low-alloy steel with nominal capacity of 1000,000 tons annually, and bars and fittings made of alloy steel with annual nominal capacity of 600,000 tons and was established in January 2013. Currently, the steel ingot phase of complex is based on state-of-the-art technology of DANIELI company in Italy, with installation of machinery and equipment. One of the long-term objectives is launch of shaped steel section line with, dimensions and specifications, and forecast its side features. The company has capacity to produce and supply a wide range of steel sections, including types of studs, flanges, cores, curbs and fittings, as well as peripheral products such as argon, oxygen, and nitrogen gases.